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Our Parrot Mission is a site intended to bring bird enthusiast up-to-date information on parrots. No more outdated information from old books. Our aim is to connect the bird community through one site—

We believe that through a collective effort we can educate people who want to buy parrots, as well as those who are already proud owners. These creatures are complex, intelligent, and beautiful. They make fantastic pets; however, they require lots of work to keep healthy and happy. If everyone contributes knowledge about these marvelous animals we can all benefit. The newest and most current information will be at your fingertips. Our articles are written by experienced parrot owners with factual and quality information that you can trust.

We Need Your Help!

Breeders, enthusiast, hobbyist, trainers, or behaviorist are welcome to submit articles. All articles will be reviewed and posted on this site. Please note full credit will be given to the author. Any topic can be submitted, we only ask the content be original, factual, and accurate. Click here to do so.

We Need Your Parrot Photos!
We are a new project and looking for parrot photos. If you would like your parrot photos posted on this site, please e-mail them to us. If we decided to use any of your photos we’ll give you full credit. Please ensure your name is included in your email. We look forward to your submissions. All bird/parrot species are welcome! Click here to do so.





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