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Pink Eye in Pet Parrot

I have a question that I can't find much info about online. I have 2 IRNs- same age, 1 m / 1 f.... I've noticed that one's eyes are really blood shot, while the others are just pinkish.... Do you know if this is this normal?

Everything else about her seems normal to me... She LOVES to eat and drink water, play, and sleep. Compared to my other IRN and my CAG, my husband thinks she's the epitome of a perfect bird. She does sometimes spit up clear liquid a little when she drinks too much water... the eyes just bother me a little...but I'm also an extremely alarmist . Thanks for all the trouble you're going thru!



Dear Nicole Harris Makridis,

Before I answer this question, it is important you know I am not a veterinarian; however, I would be glad to give you some information pertaining to your bird to set you off in the right direction.

First things first, I know I may sometimes sound like a broken record, but I would definitely schedule an appointment with your avian veterinarian immediately. Thankfully, I don't think the problem could be too serious as one of my female Indian Ringnecks once exhibited more veins in her eyes, thus giving off the illusion of bloodshot eyes. If both eyes have a reddish tinge this just might be the coloring of her iris. The photo you sent is definitely harder for me to see a red eye due to the lighting, but I don't see any puss, discharge, or damage. If I were to say there was anything wrong with her eye, I would say it is slightly inflamed and irritated.

Speaking from experience, most birds that I deal with that have eye problems usually have some sort of upper respiratory infection. In such cases, the veterinarian will usually prescribe some antibiotics and flush out the nasal cavity.

It is important you take her to the vet just to get a checkup as she may have a bacterial infection, fungal infection, or vitamin deficiencies. In fact, if there is a serious problem with her and she is not treated the outcome could be grim. I don't mean to scare you, but birds are really good at hiding their illnesses until it's too late.

If you see the slightest crust, or your bird is avoiding direct light, has growths around the eye, it might be conjunctivitis, or better known to us as pink eye.

Thankfully you had mentioned that her behavior seems to be normal. You know your bird better than anyone and you should know if her behavior takes a change for the worst. Assuming she is active, eating well, does not exhibit ruffled feathers, does not have a bobbing tail, or is not excessively sleeping, everything should check out great by your vet.

My fingers are crossed for you! In the meantime it's important you keep her in a warm environment until the vet does the check up. I truly wish I could help you more! Please keep me updated.

Best wishes! IMRAN-C


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